Miswak is maybe the most ancient method of brushing teeth. It's a twig that makes a passable toothbrush, when prepared properly. Wikipedia has a great entry on miswak, detailing the history and use of the plant. Muhammad used miswak regularly, and it's even mentioned in the Hadith, Muslim holy writings. Sadly, I did not feel holy when brushing with this toothpaste.

Dabur is a giant corporation based in India with products distributed all over the world. I've enjoyed several of their pastes before, and none have been a disappointment.

This Miswak toothpaste is a natural white color with a lovely anise flavor. As is the norm for most "healthy" toothpastes, there is no flouride added.

The most fun aspect of the package is the 1950s Americana wood typeface logo. I'm not sure what the designer was thinking, but I like it. I searched in vain for other logos with that kind of type treatment. However, I did find a free log typeface for your publishing pleasure.

Special thanks go to my friend Marti, who picked up this tube in Frankfurt, Germany. This particular tube and box were packaged for the European market and distributed out of Harrow, England.


Unknown said…
Mostly People uses toothbrushes and tooth paste of modern era. While in many parts of Muslim world folks use chewing sticks to clean their tooth. Miswak or the peelu chewing sticks are affordable and can be done in a very simple way. Check out

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