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Jaris, Malaysia

This lovely paste came from Malaysia. I bought it in a supermarket in the biggest city, Kuala Lumpur. It reminds me of an Arm & Hammer Baking Soda mint toothpaste I had more than ten years ago; it's minty and yet has a strong salt aftertaste. However, it leaves my mouth feeling very clean. Color? Standard white. And it's a little thicker than the average American paste. From their website : "Jaris an oral care range for the modern Muslim which uses ingredients from the Prophet’s era." So yes, it's halal , the Muslim equivalent of the Jewish "kosher." If you can find it in your neighborhood, buy a tube. It might be a refreshing change from what you're using now. By the way, I was amused that the tube says, " Deep Sea Salt" and the box says, " Dead Sea Salt."