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Elmex Kids Toothpaste

Elmex Kinderandpasta is a kids' toothpaste from Belgium (Brussels, to be exact), produced by Gaba International . It's white and has a distinct minty flavor with a tiny hint of bubblegum. The fact that as an adult, I enjoy the flavor, is a good indication that it's not too overly strong or artificial. It does have flouride. Using Google Translate , here's what it offers: " the daily care of milk teeth and for the protection of the enamel brittle, not quite hardened against cavities." The packaging is in Dutch and French, making it perfect for all of Belgium (well, maybe not for those Belgians who speak Arabic as their mother tongue). A really cool feature was the protective seal on the top of the tube can be screwed off with the key in the center of the lid. (See inset photo.) Americans, you can even buy it on Amazon ! I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday - from my sister, who lives in Belgium.