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Kobayashi Charclean Charcoal Power Toothpaste

Japanese charcoal toothpaste. As you might guess, the paste is black. This toothpaste has a unique flavor - unlike Bamboo Charcoal from China . This one is a bit more antiseptic. It certainly left my mouth feeling clean. And atomic black bowling balls (invisible to the naked eye) are what cause this toothpaste to be so effective... see illustration from the box. Since I can't read Japanese, I'm very limited in my understanding of what the package says. So these micro-bowling balls might actually be micro-whiffle balls. Seriously, apparently, charcoal toothpastes are all the rage in Japan, at the moment, according to my friend Katrissa. (She very kindly brought me the paste from Japan, where she was visiting relatives... thanks, Katrissa!) I do enjoy the flavor. It's very hard to categorize. If I were versant with wine terminology, I could perhaps describe it better. But since I'm not, here's a lay perspective: fresh, not sweet, slightly medicinal and