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Veldent Extreme Awake Toothpaste

I love the often rough translations into English on the packaging of international toothpastes. Veldent , from Thailand, has several interesting choices in their marketing messages: "Nutrition Toothpaste" would imply something you could eat in North American English. Thai English might convey a different meaning. The " Extreme Awake " flavor does not seem to relate to a sleep prevention stimulant, like caffeine. After I ran the website through Google Translate, they claim the toothpaste "awakens your mood in every beginning of each day." Apparently, moisture in the mouth is a thing in Thailand: "Helps increase the moisture in the mouth." (This might be a great toothpaste if you suffer from a dry mouth.) On the box, one of the active ingredients is listed as cyclodextrin, which sounds a bit scary. Wikipedia says it "confers solubility and stability" to other drugs - which would not make it an active ingredient but rather an en