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Crest Pro-Health

I like it.

This one's an unusual entry into the museum - it's a mainstream American brand. However, it's not Crest's average toothpaste. This one is "professional". (People with professional teeth are supposed to use it? Nah - I know - it's supposed to be used by dentists on your teeth, if they come to your home to brush your teeth.)

Flavor: minty with a hint of wintergreen. Color: blue gel, though less transparent than some. Texture? that's where it shines. There is just a little fine grit that leaves my mouth feeling very clean.

One negative is the lid - very hard to close. (Stick with the basic screw-on, please.)

If you can find it on special, go for it.

Sage from Italy

My buddy Tom, a film producer and director, recently visited Milano, Italy, the world capitol of design.

He was kind enough to bring me back a tube of Antica Erboristeria herbal toothpaste. This variety is "Salvia & Bicarbinato". I'm sure you can guess the Bicarbinato part - baking soda. The Salvia part, I had to look up - sage. You could probably also guess the translation of the company name: old herb emporium. Apparently the company dates back to 1783. But now it's part of the Schwarzkopf & Henkel family of fine products.

The tube is completely in Italian. (Love that!) Color? white. The flavor is a pleasant very clean mint. (I couldn't taste any sage, but then, my palate is not the most refined.)

More Italians to come...