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Albert Heijn Extra Mint Toothpaste Review

Albert Heijn Extra Mint Toothpaste is a very strong, almost medicinal toothpaste. It's among the strongest flavors I've ever experienced in a European toothpaste. It's green with little white stripes. It's one of their basic budget offerings - among the least expensive toothpastes they sell. In fact, it's almost cheaper than any paste you can buy in the USA. (Here's a link to this toothpaste , which will not work if they discontinue the product.) Albert Heijn is a Netherlands-based supermarket chain. My sister Amy, who lives near Antwerp, Belgium, gave it to me as a gift. And shipping it to me made it a very expensive toothpaste. (Thank you, Amy!) I'm happy to report that it has fluoride. I love how the graphic is an illustration of a white tooth floating over an Arctic landscape with an igloo in the background. Eskimos would probably freak out if they saw a giant white tooth floating toward them. Americans might think it was a hot air balloon.