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Thumb-sized from Italy

This baby is "Dental Cream With Green Tea" from Italy. (Thanks Tom .) It's light-green paste in a very tiny tube: 5 ml. The taste is mild mint. (I couldn't taste any tea.) It came from a hotel courtesy pack, along with a lovely clear travel toothbrush. Upscale hotels in the States would do well to take note - offer something besides standard toothpaste. It's those little perks that keep people coming back.

Tiny tiny

This is the tiniest tube I have seen yet. Two brushes' worth - probably enough for a trans-atlantic flight. (It came from a British Air courtesy pack - part of a self-contained toothbrush kit.) Basic white mint paste, as you would imagine. Thanks again, Ed .


Euthymol is unique. Pink, tasting a bit like Pepto-Bismol. From England. Still in a metal tube. I'll quote from Wikipedia: "The taste of Euthymol has something of surgical spirits about it. Users unfamiliar with the brand, trying it for the first time are often overwhelmed by the power of the flavour and the sensations of the antiseptic ingredients on the mouth. It takes a few uses to adapt to the difference from regular toothpaste." My son Ben (13 years old) likes it. I enjoy the difference of it. It is very strong. Your mouth will feel alive after that morning brush! Yours for $9.95 a tube (in the States) or from your local chemist (in the UK). My tube? Courtesy of my friend Ed . (Thanks!)