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Pure Beginnings Fresh Mint Toothpaste Review

This is the very first toothpaste I've ever reviewed from South Africa. It pays to have friends from all over the world. My buddy Gary and his wife Lori normally live in a suburb of Cape Town. They kindly sent me this wonderful tube to add to the Toothpaste Museum. We've known each other since our firstborn kids sucked in their first breath of air in Nairobi, Kenya. His daughter arrived something like six months sooner than our son. Both attended the same school during our second shared set of years there. Both went on to get master's degrees. (Our son is also second in starting that rite of passage, but only because he elected to get some "real world" job experience before diving into academia.) But this is a blog about toothpaste. Pure Beginnings Organic Care Fresh Mint Toothpaste is lovely. The taste is subtle and mild. The mint flavor is balanced and not overwhelming. I love the natural beige color, knowing that it comes from using no bleach or dyes. Sadly, l