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Marvis Toothpaste from Italy

Marvis is one of the most luxurious toothpastes available today. You might be wondering what makes a toothpaste luxurious. There are several factors: Elegant packaging Subtle smooth taste Fewer ingredients than many toothpastes (less is more these days) Expensive price of entry Delivered in small portions, like caviar Marvis does not miss a single point. I have the pleasure of owning and using both the "Aquatic Mint" and "Whitening Mint" flavors. Aquatic Mint is my favorite of the two. It ranks among the best tasting toothpastes of all time. It's super smooth, clean, refreshing and worth keeping in my mouth longer than usual. Whitening Mint is stronger. I have not used it long enough to report on its whitening effects. My guess is that my teeth are so far gone from years of coffee drinking that they are beyond help. Both toothpastes are smooth pure white in color. The boxes feature translations in nine different languages. Clear