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Colgate Essentials Charcoal Toothpaste Review

It's rare for me to review a toothpaste from the USA. But I couldn't resist taking advantage of a coupon for this toothpaste by Colgate.

I've reviewed Charcoal toothpaste before - both from Japan and from China. Finally, this trend in toothpaste has made its way across the Pacific to these shores.

Colgate's interpretation of what makes a toothpaste "Charcoal" is certainly different. Both the Japanese and Chinese pastes had a much darker color. They were, as you might guess, black.

Colgate went for a mere hint of charcoal, producing a silky grey paste.

And the flavor - not a tiny hint of burnt anything.

Colgate went for the American mainstream again - mint.

This paste has a very refreshing clean minty flavor. And as you might expect, being a mainstream brand (albeit part of a niche line) means it has fluoride.

I quite like the taste. It leaves my mouth feeling cleansed and ready to take on the morning. Brushing just before bed might cause me to stay awake a t…