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Tonigencyl Flour & Citrate de Zinc

One of the joys of international toothpastes is words . "Tonigencyl" - amazing. It sounds like a medical condition - maybe something related to a tonsil disorder. This toothpaste turns out to be the tenth-most popular toothpaste in France . Surely the marketing powerhouse of its creator, Colgate-Palmolive, has something to do with its popularity. When a company throws lots of money at getting the public to be familiar with its brand, that works. (Case in point - compare the popularity of McDonalds to your favorite quick-food restaurant.) This toothpaste is not available in the States, for whatever reasons the overlords at Colgate-Palmolive predetermined. You may have to visit Europe to buy a tube. ( Special thanks to my sister Amy , who very kindly sent a tube for my birthday. She bought this tube in Belgium, where the bilingual Dutch-French packaging perfectly fits that country's needs.) So, what's it like? The paste is white and has a slightly medicinal f