Tonigencyl Flour & Citrate de Zinc

One of the joys of international toothpastes is words.

"Tonigencyl" - amazing. It sounds like a medical condition - maybe something related to a tonsil disorder.

This toothpaste turns out to be the tenth-most popular toothpaste in France. Surely the marketing powerhouse of its creator, Colgate-Palmolive, has something to do with its popularity. When a company throws lots of money at getting the public to be familiar with its brand, that works. (Case in point - compare the popularity of McDonalds to your favorite quick-food restaurant.)

This toothpaste is not available in the States, for whatever reasons the overlords at Colgate-Palmolive predetermined. You may have to visit Europe to buy a tube. (Special thanks to my sister Amy, who very kindly sent a tube for my birthday. She bought this tube in Belgium, where the bilingual Dutch-French packaging perfectly fits that country's needs.)

So, what's it like? The paste is white and has a slightly medicinal flavor - with a tinge of anise. It's not gentle enough to be one of my daily favorites, but if you use it every few days, your tastebuds will stay alive.

Tonigencyl has fluoride, which makes me a happy camper. And another significant ingredient is zinc citrate, a trace mineral that "supports and protects the immune system and helps the body fight against diseases." (Source)

There are three flavors, each with different dental advantages. This particular variety is for users with sensitive teeth.

Finally, I leave you with these two vintage French commercials to help you ponder the benefits of Tonigencyl: one and two.


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