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Lovely Neem

Another neem toothpaste came to me (literally). Autumn, the CEO of Organix South , sent me a tube of their TheraNeem herbal mint flavor. It is excellent! The country of origin is India. Natural ingredients include grapeseed, licorice, fennel, clove, peppermint, spearmint - and of course neem. I love the exceptionally interesting mix of flavors - very hard to describe. This has quickly become my current favorite paste. It's the color of coffee with milk and has more texture than most pastes. Users are supposed to make the toothpaste part of a three-step oral health regimem - the other steps being TheraNeem mouthwash and "Supercritical Extract" - an elixir the user consumes. My neem package included the mouthwash but not the extract. The mouthwash has an amazingly complex flavor - nearly impossible to describe. I can't vouch for all the health benefits of neem - "purifying and antioxidant", but I do like the taste of Theraneem and how it makes my mouth feel cl

Email Toothpaste

I love this one. (It's also courtesy of my sister Amy.) "Email Diamant" is roughly translated "diamond enamel". It's proudly French and made since 1893. Normally this Museum does not feature boxes that pastes come in, but this time I had to show you a closeup of the bullfighter guy, since he's in full color on the box. He's a happy user of the paste! The taste is different - with a nose of anise, to use wine terms . The paste is indeed very red - it almost stains my toothbrush. I love the description. The translator from the original French did not have a good command of English: it "respects" the tooth enamel. And it has "natural light reflectors". (I'd recommend regular users riding their bicycles at night with their mouths wide open.) If you're in the USA and desperately want to try some, it's a bit expensive: $19 from here . (I'd recommend instead that your sister who lives in Belgium bring you some when she v

Neem, 2

I've written about Neem before . But they've gone more mainstream since the first time I tried it. The tube of their new paste looks similar to the old, but the paste does live up to the "New" on the label (though funny enough, the old tube also had "New" on the label). This time, the paste is also green, but it's a little bluer in tint than the last yellow-khaki-green. And it tastes much more like a traditional mint paste. "Active"? I'm not sure how it makes me more active. Maybe the fresh minty flavor leaves me wanting to be more active. I doubt it. Special thanks to my sister Amy, the lady who started my journey into toothpastes (she bought it for me) - and also to my brother Bill, who mailed it to me.