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Pasta del Capitano Toothpaste

Pasta del Capitano Placca e Carie (plaque and cavitives) is a mild white minty paste from Milan, Italy. The manufacturer's website handily translated automatically into English, and the translators were above average. The package - less so. In their instructions: "The Period After Opening is expressed in months and concerns the product correctly kept and in normal, foreseeable usage conditions." (The caps are theirs.) Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli s.p.a. makes more than just toothpaste... makeup, for example - see this 10-second television commercial . Their history dates back to 1821. (Match that, Colgate Palmolive!) The toothpaste itself has a refreshing mild mint flavor. Unlike most American toothpaste, there is no strong aftertaste. The packaging prominently boasts of the organic origins of the mint used. Thanks to the integral sodium fluoride, this is a paste that I would not hesitate to use every day. And it was a very affordable 1.40 euro (about $1.60