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Serbia! This toothpaste is from the Republic of Serbia. The packaging is bilingual with most of the words in Serbian. It's a mild minty paste with flouride. The distinctive addition is camomile. Health benefits abound, for sure. Herbal teas that are designed to sooth the mind often have camomile as a key ingredient. Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to discover the touted benefits of this particular paste: it will provide protection against decay, protection from gum disease, strengthen tooth enamel and refresh your breath. I like the flavor. It's not as sweet as most American pastes. It's very slightly blue-green in color - kind of like they mixed one part Crest with six parts white paste. It's made in Germany for the Serbian market by Schwarzkopf & Henkel , which is a giant manufacturer of health and beauty products. Special thanks to my friend Lisa S., who has several friends from Serbia. And thanks to her friends, who brought the paste back from a