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Freska-ra Toothpaste Review

Fresk-ra is a very generic toothpaste that I picked up during a recent visit to Mexico. It seems that most toothpastes reviewed recently were the result of trips by friends, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do a little travel. I grabbed this one at a supermarket. Unusual brands are normally found at pharmacies or health-food stores, but this one was buried among a vast sea of Crest and Colgate in a standard supermarket. However, it's no different than so many big-name toothpastes. In fact, it's made by Colgate Palmolive. Amusingly, since it's a low-price brand, it's not even featured on the Mexican Colgate website . (The only way I found the Freska-ra page was through a Google search.) Fresk-ra is a generic-tasting green gel. I am thankful for all the benefits it provides... In case you're wondering, here are what the five-in-one amazing features of this toothpaste are: aliento fresco = fresh breath anticaries = anti-cavities limpieza efectiva = effe