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Olea Sensitive

Olea Sensitive comes to us from Croatia."Olea" apparently means "olive," but not in Croatian nor in Latin. According to Bionity , the olive leaf has medicinal qualities. According to the box it came in, there might be other amazing qualities, but I can't read Croatian. I like the flavor. It is supposed to be citrus flavored, but even though the taste is on the stronger end of the spectrum, it does not taste very citrus-y. There are overtones of saccharine, which is a bit disconcerting, but it does leave the mouth feeling clean. Interestingly, Olea Sensitive comes from KPlus , a department store whose logo resembles Kmart. (Maybe they are cousins!) I gather the paste is this kind that would appear alongside other natural/ healthy/herbal types. In the USA, Kmart is not known for having much variety in that area. This paste is courtesy of my friend Libby, who made a recent trip to Croatia.