Colgate Essentials Charcoal Toothpaste Review

It's rare for me to review a toothpaste from the USA. But I couldn't resist taking advantage of a coupon for this toothpaste by Colgate.

I've reviewed Charcoal toothpaste before - both from Japan and from China. Finally, this trend in toothpaste has made its way across the Pacific to these shores.

Colgate's interpretation of what makes a toothpaste "Charcoal" is certainly different. Both the Japanese and Chinese pastes had a much darker color. They were, as you might guess, black.

Colgate went for a mere hint of charcoal, producing a silky grey paste.

And the flavor - not a tiny hint of burnt anything.

Colgate went for the American mainstream again - mint.

This paste has a very refreshing clean minty flavor. And as you might expect, being a mainstream brand (albeit part of a niche line) means it has fluoride.

I quite like the taste. It leaves my mouth feeling cleansed and ready to take on the morning. Brushing just before bed might cause me to stay awake a t…

Veldent Extreme Awake Toothpaste

I love the often rough translations into English on the packaging of international toothpastes.

Veldent, from Thailand, has several interesting choices in their marketing messages:
"Nutrition Toothpaste" would imply something you could eat in North American English. Thai English might convey a different meaning.The "Extreme Awake" flavor does not seem to relate to a sleep prevention stimulant, like caffeine. After I ran the website through Google Translate, they claim the toothpaste "awakens your mood in every beginning of each day."Apparently, moisture in the mouth is a thing in Thailand: "Helps increase the moisture in the mouth." (This might be a great toothpaste if you suffer from a dry mouth.)On the box, one of the active ingredients is listed as cyclodextrin, which sounds a bit scary. Wikipedia says it "confers solubility and stability" to other drugs - which would not make it an active ingredient but rather an enhancing ingredien…

Green Beaver Star Anise Toothpaste

Canada is a different place than my home, the larger country south of its border.

It's generally more liberal and inclusive. (The entire country now has legalized recreational marijuana. To my limited knowledge, they are the only country in the world with that law.) One way their inclusiveness is reflected in toothpastes (and all Canadian packaged products) is their bilingual packaging. 20% or less of Canada speaks French, yet their packages give 50% of their descriptive real estate to the French language.

My family and I ventured into Alberta during this past summer to explore the Canadian Rockies. I discovered they are bigger (yet shorter in altitude) than the Colorado Rockies. For those of you who have been to Colorado, you may have seen the Maroon Bells, our most-photographed mountains - stunningly gorgeous. Alberta's Rockies were like seeing different versions of the Maroon Bells over and over - we never ran out of "OOOOHS" and "AAAHS!"

And of course,…

Blue M Toothpaste Review

Blue M toothpaste is clean, fresh, and very minty.

My sister Amy sent Blue M to me by mail, and as I opened the package, the fresh minty smell reached my nostrils - which is very unusual. My sense of smell is very muted, due to a childhood sinus infection that wiped out much of my olfactory nerve center.

But back to Blue M... it's blue, as you might expect. The paste falls loosely into the gel category.

As you can see from the package, it's fluoride free, which is great if you live in a place that has a high natural concentration of fluoride in the water supply. I went to college at Texas Tech, in Lubbock. Water in the Texas Panhandle does have a high concentration of fluoride. Local natives who have lived there their whole lives and haven't undergone teeth whitening sometimes have slightly brown teeth - a strange side effect of too much fluoride. But presumably, they have strong teeth!

But back to Blue M... it's from the Netherlands. Their unique approach to dental h…

Lion Clinica for Kids Toothpaste Review

My friend Ted A. visited Japan and brought me back this fun kids' toothpaste. Joy!

Lion is a company based in Japan that produces health, beauty and cleaning products. Their corporate philosophy is based on much more touchy-feely stuff than American companies would delve into: "Our corporate slogan: 'life. love.' encapsulates the meaning of our corporate message. We chose the word 'life' for all its meanings: the natural force of life, the day-to-day experience of living and the journey that is a lifetime. Similarly, 'love' evokes a range of meanings, such as compassion, caring and tenderness."

Since the package is entirely in Japanese, except for the words "Lion" and "toothpaste," I am not able to interpret what this particular toothpaste aims to do - other than to get kids to brush their teeth. Lion's toothpaste listings web page wasn't very helpful either.

Its strawberry flavor is fairly straightforward. Interesting…

Zendium Toothpaste Review

Zendium is a European toothpaste that promotes a healthy bacterial ecosystem in our bodies.

Bacteria are both beneficial and detrimental to our health. If we live in an environment that is too sterile, our bodies cannot fight off the unhealthy bacteria.

Some toothpastes apparently kill off both good and bad bacteria. But not Zendium (or at least that's the claim).

The fascinating thing to me, an American, is that this bacterial-health toothpaste is made by a multinational company, Unilever. In the USA, such products would be sold by small independent companies that have really tiny budgets.

So yeah, bring Zedium to the USA, Unilever! (In contrast, one example of the kinds of toothpaste sold here by Unilever is Closeup - pretty mainstream.)

You can read more about the bacterial benefits of this toothpaste on the Zendium website (in German, but your browser should translate it for you).

Back to the toothpaste... it's white, clean, refreshing and not too sweet. Of course, it'…

Thieves Aromabright

It's a truly rare event for an American toothpaste to make it to the International Toothpaste Muesum. America is a part of the world, but the intent of this website is to review toothpastes that are not widely available at the average American supermarket or Walgreen's.

But sometimes a toothpaste needs to be reviewed here.

Thieves Aromabright is exceptional in more ways than one:
The flavor is delicious. A subtle blend of peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, along with lemon, make a toothpaste that is extremely enjoyable. If it weren't for the demands of having to review so many toothpastes, I'd happily use this one every day for months.Essential oils are healthy. Young Living makes a point of processing the plants that their oils are derived from as little as possible - so you receive the healthy benefits that each pure plant provides.You know that you're not ingesting unhealthy unnatural dyes and flavorings. The paste has a light yellowish-beige color that you …