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Nigerian Red Hot Closeup

I love packaging that features people that a product is designed to reach. In this case, Africans are featured on this Nigerian toothpaste. And of course, the models are smiling with very visible shiny bright teeth. A very similar package is used for the rest of the world. Sadly, the Closeup Red Hot for the Philippines features Caucasian models. The same goes for India . And in the USA, it's not called, "Red Hot," but rather " Closeup Cinnamon ." This "active gel" paste is not what I would call red hot. When I think of "red hot," I think of cinnamon candy that has a much stronger flavor than this toothpaste. Maybe the American Cinnamon paste is more like the candy. This paste has a slightly medicinal flavor. This line of toothpastes from Closeup supposedly has mouthwash built in. I'm not sure if my wife thinks my breath is much fresher after using this paste, but I do know that it is foamier than the usual paste during the brush

Vicco Vajradanti Tube

This is the second Vicco toothpaste I've reviewed. The first was not tooth paste but rather Vicco tooth powder . I love this one. It has a very unique flavor. A swirling mix of anise, fennel, cinnamon and mint combine to leave my mouth feeling fresh and very clean. A departure from the world of mint, mint, mint is so nice. Interestingly, the kind people at Vicco Laboratories in Mumbai, India, also recommend that the user massages their gums with Vicco tooth powder after brushing - so I'm already primed for complete dental health. This is an Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is "the science of life." I can't vouch for the benefits personally, but apparently millions of Indians can. The hue of the paste is similar to flesh-color. If you remember Silly Putty on Wikipedia , it's more like Silly Putty color . I am sure no dyes are used in the manufacturing process. Finally, you must go to Vicco's Vicco Vajradanti web page to see the thrilling one-minu