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Lion Clinica for Kids Toothpaste Review

My friend Ted A. visited Japan and brought me back this fun kids' toothpaste. Joy! Lion is a company based in Japan that produces health, beauty and cleaning products. Their corporate philosophy is based on much more touchy-feely stuff than American companies would delve into: "Our corporate slogan: 'life. love.' encapsulates the meaning of our corporate message. We chose the word 'life' for all its meanings: the natural force of life, the day-to-day experience of living and the journey that is a lifetime. Similarly, 'love' evokes a range of meanings, such as compassion, caring and tenderness." Since the package is entirely in Japanese, except for the words "Lion" and "toothpaste," I am not able to interpret what this particular toothpaste aims to do - other than to get kids to brush their teeth. Lion's toothpaste listings  web page wasn't very helpful either. Its strawberry flavor is fairly straightforward. I