Lion Clinica for Kids Toothpaste Review

My friend Ted A. visited Japan and brought me back this fun kids' toothpaste. Joy!

Lion is a company based in Japan that produces health, beauty and cleaning products. Their corporate philosophy is based on much more touchy-feely stuff than American companies would delve into: "Our corporate slogan: 'life. love.' encapsulates the meaning of our corporate message. We chose the word 'life' for all its meanings: the natural force of life, the day-to-day experience of living and the journey that is a lifetime. Similarly, 'love' evokes a range of meanings, such as compassion, caring and tenderness."

Since the package is entirely in Japanese, except for the words "Lion" and "toothpaste," I am not able to interpret what this particular toothpaste aims to do - other than to get kids to brush their teeth. Lion's toothpaste listings web page wasn't very helpful either.

Its strawberry flavor is fairly straightforward. Interestingly, Lion did not dye the paste pink or red. Instead, it's a clean white.

Since I'm not a kid, I wouldn't enjoy the strawberry flavor every day. But it was mild enough that I didn't mind brushing with it.

Toothpaste manufacturers don't want to make a toothpaste so appealing that kids would want to make an after-school treat out of the whole tube. So they have to make it nice enough that kids won't mind brushing but not tasty enough that they want to eat it.

If you want to enjoy this uniquely Japanese experience, as of this writing, you can buy it on ebay... search for "LION Anpanman Japanese best seller-toothpaste for kids strawberry flavor 4packs".


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