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Lush Dental

This is a really unique dental product. Lush Cosmetics , an international company, has "Toothy Tabs," which are little pellets you put in your mouth, chew up, and create your own toothpaste as you brush! My sister who lives in Belgium bought me two packages in Stuttgart, Germany. As I was researching Lush, I realized they have a store I have been in - Boulder, Colorado. The two flavors I have are Ultrablast and Sparkle. They are kind of named backwards - Sparkle has a very strong clove flavor, though the site says it has vanilla and black pepper(!). Ultrablast is hard to describe, but the website says it has intense minty freshness, and it's much milder than Sparkle. On the English site, five flavors are listed , and only one on the American site. Both provide an unusual brushing experience. I would recommend chewing well, as otherwise some little bits won't be used effectively in the cleaning process. Interestingly, the packaging is all in German for the bo