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Cattier-Paris Clay Toothpaste

If you've ever had the pleasure of dining at a high-end gourmet restaurant, you've experienced a palate cleanser . Traditionally, those are sorbet. Cattier-Paris has a series of  "Remineralizing" toothpastes . My sister Amy kindly bought me the lemon flavor. And it works as a wonderful palate cleanser - better than sorbet, even. I find that if I eat something really sweet, it will spoil my taste for whatever's next. So if I'm home and on a serious snack binge, I will occasionally brush my teeth between courses, if whatever I'm about to eat deserves to be fully enjoyed. This lemon toothpaste is natural in composition and very neutral in flavor. Extremely subtle is a good way to describe the flavor. As you might expect, there is no dye and no artificial color. I assume that clay is the abrasive agent that accomplishes the bulk of the cleaning. American tastes tend toward extremes. If Colgate made lemon toothpaste, it would hit you over the head with citrus f