With My Spearmint Toothpaste Review

First - a wonderful, lovely-tasting spearmint toothpaste.

Second - maybe a little help with branding is needed:
  • "With My" is possibly meaningful in Korean, but it doesn't mean anything in the USA unless followed by something like, "...healthy teeth."
  • The packaging is elegant and tasteful, but the type is far too small.
Now that I've dispensed with criticism, With My is committed to using environmental and sustainable ingredients and materials and gives back 10% of its profits to children's oral care and education. Christina, the brand's founder, has impressive credentials - a DDS from New York University and a BA in public health from Johns Hopkins University. (My father had a Master's in public health from Johns Hopkins, so I've always had a fondness for that school.)

Visiting their website is worth it if only to see the photo of Christina butting her head with toothpaste.

I love this toothpaste! I haven't tried their lemonade flavor, but if given the chance, I'd leap.

Besides tasting very fresh, it leaves my mouth feeling clean and palate-neutral. Some toothpastes are so strong that the flavor of whatever I eat afterwards is messed up by that lingering taste.

Special thanks to my sister Sharon, who gifted me with this excellent toothpaste.


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