МЯTHAЯ Russian Toothpaste Review

Of all the kinds of toothpaste I've reviewed, МЯTHAЯ toothpaste by весна completely eluded all of my attempts to find information.

МЯTHAЯ toothpaste

My friend Ben very kindly brought it over from East Asia. He often travels to a country where you can buy Russian products.

Their very slow-loading website did not provide any information about this toothpaste. It is briefly listed on page 19 of their product catalog PDF, which took about three minutes to load. (And it was fun to see some English branding - one of their line of products for kids is called "Crazy Zoo.")

Like most toothpastes outside the USA, the package was very multi-lingual. If you speak Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani or Uzbek, you're in luck. English, no. The entire box and tube did not have a single word of English! Since I do not speak Russian, I am running blind.

МЯTHAЯ toothpaste with open lid
But I can tell you about the taste. It's very clean. There's a strong flavor of mint but not in the traditional North American minty vein. It tastes slightly herbal, but not in an artificial way.

The word "весна," which I assume is the company that sells this paste, means the season of spring.

I trust that this might be slightly more healthy than the average mass-market toothpaste.

So if you're ever in one of those big countries on the other side of the globe from North America, drop into a pharmacy or health food store and pick up a tube.

And thanks, Ben!


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