Olea Sensitive

Olea Sensitive comes to us from Croatia."Olea" apparently means "olive," but not in Croatian nor in Latin. According to Bionity, the olive leaf has medicinal qualities. According to the box it came in, there might be other amazing qualities, but I can't read Croatian.

I like the flavor. It is supposed to be citrus flavored, but even though the taste is on the stronger end of the spectrum, it does not taste very citrus-y. There are overtones of saccharine, which is a bit disconcerting, but it does leave the mouth feeling clean.

Interestingly, Olea Sensitive comes from KPlus, a department store whose logo resembles Kmart. (Maybe they are cousins!) I gather the paste is this kind that would appear alongside other natural/ healthy/herbal types. In the USA, Kmart is not known for having much variety in that area.

This paste is courtesy of my friend Libby, who made a recent trip to Croatia.


Unknown said…
This sounds absolutely fascinating. I work for a dentist in Calgary that frequently has us try toothpaste from different countries, but I don't believe we have tried this one yet. I will have to suggest it. Thanks for posting!
Unknown said…
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