Colgate Essentials Charcoal Toothpaste Review

It's rare for me to review a toothpaste from the USA. But I couldn't resist taking advantage of a coupon for this toothpaste by Colgate.

I've reviewed Charcoal toothpaste before - both from Japan and from China. Finally, this trend in toothpaste has made its way across the Pacific to these shores.

Colgate's interpretation of what makes a toothpaste "Charcoal" is certainly different. Both the Japanese and Chinese pastes had a much darker color. They were, as you might guess, black.

Colgate went for a mere hint of charcoal, producing a silky grey paste.

And the flavor - not a tiny hint of burnt anything.

Colgate went for the American mainstream again - mint.

This paste has a very refreshing clean minty flavor. And as you might expect, being a mainstream brand (albeit part of a niche line) means it has fluoride.

I quite like the taste. It leaves my mouth feeling cleansed and ready to take on the morning. Brushing just before bed might cause me to stay awake a tiny bit longer.

Other people have reviewed this toothpaste too, on Colgate's website:

I was amused at how several people said it protects against stains. (How can they tell?)

And "Messy"? Just brush more carefully!

By the way, the only other Colgate Essentials product is Essentials with Coconut Oil. Apparently, it's less popular, since it garnered 30% fewer reviews.

Conclusion: Give it a try, if you can find it on your supermarket shelves.


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