Zendium Toothpaste Review

Zendium is a European toothpaste that promotes a healthy bacterial ecosystem in our bodies.

Bacteria are both beneficial and detrimental to our health. If we live in an environment that is too sterile, our bodies cannot fight off the unhealthy bacteria.

Some toothpastes apparently kill off both good and bad bacteria. But not Zendium (or at least that's the claim).

The fascinating thing to me, an American, is that this bacterial-health toothpaste is made by a multinational company, Unilever. In the USA, such products would be sold by small independent companies that have really tiny budgets.

So yeah, bring Zedium to the USA, Unilever! (In contrast, one example of the kinds of toothpaste sold here by Unilever is Closeup - pretty mainstream.)

You can read more about the bacterial benefits of this toothpaste on the Zendium website (in German, but your browser should translate it for you).

Back to the toothpaste... it's white, clean, refreshing and not too sweet. Of course, it's minty... Europeans and Americans both associate minty flavors with a clean feeling.

I love that it's a flouride toothpaste.

The tube has an easy quick-twist lid. The size is a bit smaller than many American brands - just 75 ml.

It's packaged for the European market - ingredients are translated into six different languages.

Special thanks to my sister Amy for sending this to me from her native Belgium.


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