Thieves Aromabright

It's a truly rare event for an American toothpaste to make it to the International Toothpaste Muesum. America is a part of the world, but the intent of this website is to review toothpastes that are not widely available at the average American supermarket or Walgreen's.

But sometimes a toothpaste needs to be reviewed here.

Thieves Aromabright is exceptional in more ways than one:
  1. The flavor is delicious. A subtle blend of peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, along with lemon, make a toothpaste that is extremely enjoyable. If it weren't for the demands of having to review so many toothpastes, I'd happily use this one every day for months.
  2. Essential oils are healthy. Young Living makes a point of processing the plants that their oils are derived from as little as possible - so you receive the healthy benefits that each pure plant provides.
  3. You know that you're not ingesting unhealthy unnatural dyes and flavorings. The paste has a light yellowish-beige color that you can't get from any Colgate-Palmolive product.
I can't vouch for all the benefits that Young Living touts, such as enhancing spiritual awareness. But I would still highly recommend you try one of their four flavors. The flavor I have been enjoying is Sweet Mint.

Special thanks to my friend Katrissa, who very kindly provided this toothpaste for review.


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