French Clove

This is a lovely paste. My sister who lives in Belgium gave it to me. Flavor: clove... what a pleasant contrast with the minty pastes we get here in the States!

The color is a chalky green with a slight brownish tinge to it. No artificial anything. It does actually leave my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

The main name, "dentifrice" means simply "toothpaste".

In North America, you can buy some of their pastes here. But they don't sell clove. And you'll have to pay $15 for a tube! In France? Probably just go to your local pharmacie (and pay a lot less).


Marti said…
I like how each one has a different background. Just as with the toothpastes, no two are alike!

jb said…
An extraordinary blog! Thanks!!
♥ Guida said…
Oh, it seems you haven't tried Couto from Portugal :D You should! That's what my grandparents used and I still love it! It's soooo cool! And the package is just lovely *.* I think I could send you a tube, contact me :)

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