Natural Toothpaste New Zealand(This has to be the most creative name yet.)

This paste is from New Zealand. My buddy Steve, who works for Microsoft, kindly delivered it to me in Kenya. (It stopped in Dubai, on the way to Kenya.)

Clean simple flavor, but a bit medicinal. Mint, of course. White paste. And yes, it's "for healthy teeth and gums". Can't beat that!


Sabrina said…
Dear Paul,
I found your blog while looking for information about the toothpaste history.
I'm Brazilian and I'm getting an especialization in Packaging.
I'm preparing a material about Colgate´s development through the years (packaging and design).... I wonder if you have any material about it to help me out!!
And, of course, apart from that if you wish to have any toothpaste from down here, I can try and post it to you!!!
paulmerrill said…
Hi Sabrina. If you read this, please send me email at phmerrill at gmail dot com.

Thanks! -Paul

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