This one hails from Dubai. For those of you who need a refresher in geography, that's a small country in the Arabian Peninsula. It's very wealthy and boasts the largest man-made spiral island I know of.

Anyhow, Dabur is a brand from India. I bought it in Nairobi, Kenya, so this tube was made for Africa and the Middle East.

The other side of the tube is English.

This one's Basil flavor. Surprisingly, it does not taste like Italian food. In fact, the taste is quite refreshing. It is a chalky green, though - so I don't think it would sell very well in these old United States.

I love the flavor, though. It's a great palate cleanser to ready the mouth for enjoying something different after a sugary snack.

I've also bought this same flavor with the toothpaste made in Uttar Pradesh, India. The packaging was bilingual: French and English.


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