Albert Heijn Tandsteen Toothpaste Review


Albert Heijn Anti Tandsteen Toothpaste has a mild minty flavor. Like so many other European toothpastes, the flavor is milder than America's mainstream toothpastes.

Anti Tandsteen is a pure white chalky paste. It's one of their basic budget offerings - among the least expensive toothpastes they sell. Just like Albert Heijn's Extra Mint Toothpaste, it's almost cheaper than any paste you can buy in the USA. (Sadly, since I purchased it in February 2019, they discontinued the product.)

Albert Heijn is a Netherlands-based supermarket chain that carries a typical amount of toothpaste. I bought this tube while I was visiting my sister Amy, who lives near Antwerp, Belgium. There is an Albert Heijn store within bicycling distance from her house.

Just like their Extra Mint, it has fluoride - which always makes me happy.

The illustration behind the big white tooth depicts white rays destroying a purple brick wall. And for those of you who don't speak Dutch, tandsteen means tartar, or plaque. So this wonderful toothpaste is meant to destroy my plaque.


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