Ecodenta Toothpaste Review

I did not visit Lithuania to grab this toothpaste. Rather, I found it in Haarlem, Netherlands, in the Dutch equivalent to Walgreen's (US) or Boots (UK).

Ecodenta Whitening Toothpaste is one of the most delicious toothpastes I have ever encountered. The unique mix of bergamot and lemon essential oils lend it a taste that is simply indescribable.

Frequent flyer visitors to this website know that I enjoy observing the work of non-English translators on the packaging. In this instance, an all caps declaration of "ANTI Coffee & Tobacco" possibly implies that using this toothpaste will help you quit those nasty habits.

The company that makes Ecodenta is based in Vilnius, the capital and largest city in Lithuania. Biok is a manufacturer of healthy cosmetics and oral care products. Their website does not list this toothpaste. This toothpaste was definitely made for the Eastern European market since its tube has ingredients in eight European and Slavic languages. Dutch was presented via a white sticker pasted onto the box.

Finding this toothpaste online is more difficult than you might think. Biok's website has an Outlet section and they offer a separate website for their Ecodenta line. None of them offer the tootpaste I bought. Amazon, however, does.

Thankfully, this toothpaste has fluoride. And Kalident is a micro-abrasive ingredient that apparently not only cleans teeth but helps whiten them naturally.

Finally, Biok offers a glimpse into their laboratory on YouTube, featuring a late 90s musical soundtrack. I wasn't able to watch the entire video.


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