Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste

This is my favorite toothpaste box of all time.

Organique is a special brand of Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, which is based in India. Neem & Pomegranate is a refreshing and healthy toothpaste that is sadly not available everywhere. (My sister Amy sent it to me from Belgium - thanks Amy!)

In the USA, you can buy it via the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare website. After I discovered that, I'm now motivated to try some of their other flavors.

I've reviewed a more standard offering from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, which was good but not nearly as distinct and unique as their Neem & Pomegranate. I'd guess that Organique is a boutique line of toothpastes for Himalaya Herbal - kind of like Lexus is to Toyota.

Back to the toothpaste - it's off-white colored (no dyes) and left my mouth feeling very clean. The pomegranate aspect of the flavor was very subtle - adding just a tiny touch of sweetness. Using the language of modern toothpaste, mint is the primary flavor.

Neem is reputedly the cure for all manner of ills. It seems to be the center of a majority of Ayurvedic products. (Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world's oldest holistic [whole-body] healing systems.) I can't vouch for the validity of its effects, but I do like the taste! Being the curator of the International Toothpaste Museum means that I can rarely give one paste several months' of devotion - or in this case, I might start to feel its positive effects.

Back to the box - besides making the product enticing, it serves as a voice for Himalaya Herbal approach to green manufacturing - it's made with 100% recycled material, is chlorine-free and was printed with soy-based inks. I almost wanted to take a bite. And it's one of the very few boxes that will reside in the museum's permanent collection. (I usually recycle the boxes.)


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