Ginseng Toothpaste from China

Not only is this toothpaste from China, it's from The People's Republic of China. (I kinda thought that ended when capitalism started marching in.)

It's great. I love the taste mix of ginseng, mint and a slight hint of bubblegum. After brushing, my mouth felt fresh and my teeth smooth.

As always, I cannot vouch for the claimed medicinal qualities ("strengthening of the gum and good for the health"). Panaxin, a ginseng extract, is mentioned on the box. A Google search yielded a wide variety of positive claims related to its effects.

The tube is aluminum with a very retro turned-stepped area that enters the cap. The paste has a nice off-white color that must be natural.

I could not find this toothpaste on Google (beyond the first page results). I'm sure that if I could read Mandarin, the company that made this paste would have popped out at me on the package. My very kind sister, Amy, sent it over from Belgium. (The European marketplace gets a lot of stuff we don't in the USA - and vice-versa.)

Go ginseng!


Sonalto said…
Please state where in Belgium this toothpaste can be found--I've been looking for it for 20 years. In the early 90's there was a 2nd floor store at the corner of Broadway and Canal in Chinatown NYC which sold it. Loved the flavor. Best toothpaste ever. It was not fluoridated only contained calcium so I used it sparingly but the flavor was second to none! I have a similar toothpaste now but I preferred this one. Please respond. I use bunch of rare toothpastes and would gladly trade you.
paulmerrill said…
Hi Sonalto. Sorry, but I have no idea where my sister bought it or if it's even still available. She gave it to me over four years ago. And she may have bought it in travels to a neighboring country.
Unknown said…
I am in Auckland, NZ and there is a small shop that sells it for 1.50 NZD next to Hobson Lodge. He said he shipped it directly from China. Best of luck,
paulmerrill said…
Christine from Auckland - you are closer to China than I am. Enjoy that toothpaste!

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