Nihilist Toothpaste

Accoutrements is a company in California that loves to avoid boring products: "...we pride ourselves on being less disappointing than other companies."

For Christmas, my kind brother gave me three of their toothpastes. I was most amused by Nihilist toothpaste: "No Flavor • No Color • Nothing."

It turns out, the paste does possess flavor - a slightly sweet flavor, provided by sorbitol.

There is no color, if you follow the idea that white is the absence of color. Some say white is all colors combined. In any case, clear would have worked better for me to fulfill that characteristic.

In keeping with the philosophy of many boutique toothpastes, there is no flouride. So "no tooth decay" might not be part of the deal.

I love that Friedrich Nietzsche mildly endorses the paste with the quote, "I would approve of this ... if I actually cared." (And yes, I do know that he died in 1900.)

Stay tuned for more toothpastes by Accoutrements.


Linda said…
This is one that I have seen and heard of. You have a fascinating blog. Thank you so much for sharing.
Ander said…
Yes, well played. I don't visit often, but I'm fascinated by the collection and the descriptions of them, and appreciate your devotion.
paulmerrill said…
Thanks, Ander! Glad you found this museum.

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