Colgate Salt

This is the first guest post on The International Toothpaste Museum. Due to the hassles of international mail, my friend Josh did not send this one to me but rather shared it with me digitally.

Colgate of India produces a salt toothpaste for African consumption. (Josh lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where I met him and shared some fun experiences together.) Interestingly, the packaging is primarily in French, which is the trade language of many countries in West Africa.

Touted benefits include that it is "AntiGerm" - it "reduces germs and cleanses teeth and gums." And, "with regular brushing, [it] gives you healthy teeth and gums." In America, these benefits are assumed and will rarely be seen on toothpaste packaging.

Josh provided this description: "It isn't bad. Tastes like slightly salty toothpaste. I guess slightly minty and salty. I might even prefer it slightly more salty."

I was reminded of another salt toothpaste I reviewed, by primarily Indian company, Dabur. In fact, other than in America, salt appears to be a fairly popular approach to flavoring toothpastes. I've also reviewed salt toothpastes from Malaysia and Thailand.


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