Tokyo via Indonesia

There's a paste specifically for tea and coffee lovers! Zact is by Lion of Tokyo. My friends Keith and Sarah brought it back from Indonesia. It is packaged and made in Jakarta, and apparently it is not even sold in Japan.

If you are a smoker, there's a Zact for you too! And as of this review, it's available via eBay worldwide.

For the rest of us, Zact is not my favorite. This white paste has a very chemically-medicinal taste. However, the pop-off lid is very convenient. If you're in Indonesia you say, "tutup," to describe the sound (or feeling) of the lid popping off.

Though I am a heavy coffee drinker, I did not use enough Zact to report on its stain-relieving qualities. I must say that I was a little scared that the same chemicals that might remove my coffee stains might remove something else that I want to keep. Every single ingredient on the package has a chemical name, except for xanthan gum, a harmless thickener.


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