Strela from Moscow

This flavor of Strela toothpaste really is pepper mint. (Inset on the photo is from the box.)

Special thanks to Marti for bringing it to me all the way from Siberia. Yes, that Siberia. It was manufactured in Moscow, but her trip was very far from the big city.

It is definitely from the realm of health products, judging by the packaging, which extolled the virtues of the product. They touted "NO Flouride." Standard toothpastes tend to be proud of having it.

Sadly, the entire package is completely in Cyrillic script, and I cannot read Russian, but I was able to decipher some of the information - the product's periodic elements were featured! My high school chemistry memories came back.

The color is light coral; the red pepper's color shows, ever so slightly. The flavor is a refreshing peppery-mint. The pepper came on more as an after-taste, rather than during the brushing.

And I was amused to note that the tube contained 74 grams of paste. Why not 75? Maybe in Russian culture, 75 is an unlucky number.


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