Vicco is one of the more unusual pastes I've had the pleasure of using in many moons. India is the country of origin - though it came to me via my sister's visit to England and then her return to Belgium (where she lives)... thank you Amy!

As you can see, it's powder. The bright container has a sufficient quantity to last several years, I'd suppose. The flavor is unique enough that I can't use it for my everyday paste. (Also, I like to use a fluoride paste somewhere around half of the time, and Vicco has none.)

What is the flavor like? It's very hard to describe. If I were a wine snob, I'd have the right terms to use, but I kind of like to avoid that territory. It has herbal notes - or entire stanzas. There are hints of licorice. Not a trace of sweetness is to be found. (I doubt if any kids would enjoy it.)

Ingredients include bengal madder (which sounds like a snake to me), common jujube (as opposed to the uncommon jujube), bishop's weed and sarsaparilla (which I grew up wrongly saying, "sarsasparilla" - it's the basis for a root-beer-like drink).

Strangely, it leaves my white sink slightly brown, after brushing - and yet no brown on my teeth or tongue.

If you visit Vicco's website, you'll see the paste they offer is not powder but a more traditional tube. I'm thankful to have received the more unusual powder!


Old School Gary said…
possible ad campaign comes to mind...

got dirt?
Marti said…
Hey Paul,

Sometime when you're in DC you might want to check out the National Museum of Dentistry :-0

Not as charming and accessible as the I.T.N., though, I'm sure!
paulmerrill said…
Love it, Gary!

And Marti - I'll have to check that out, if I ever make it back there.

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