Herbal from Thailand

A really fun paste! You can tell from the color that this is not your ordinary toothpaste - it's the color of a baby's poop after she has eaten several jars of finely ground spinach.

For those of you who don't speak Thai, it says, "Herbal, Twin Lotus".

One of my favorite things with products not normally sold in America are the translations into English. On the English side of the label it says, such lovely and helpful phrases as, "With over 10 natural herbal ingredients keeps gums and teeth healthy firmly."

Flavor? Medicinal. Astringent. Strong. Bitter. I like it! This is not my daily paste, but it makes a very nice change from the other pastes I use. Kids would probably hate it. Mine won't even try it.

Special thanks to my sister Amy, who bought it in her homeland of Belgium.


Anonymous said…
Hey Paul,

Your International Toothpaste Museum reminds me so much of James Lileks's site, lileks.com. You must check it out, if you haven't already.


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