Darlie - racial overtones

Darlie is a toothpaste that originates in Taiwan. Originally, it was called "Darkie". For obvious reasons, they changed the name. "They" is Hawley & Hazel, a company that is not part of Colgate.

The Museum is privileged to host Darlie - sourced from Malaysia. (Special thanks to my friends from there who brought it over for me.)

The paste itself is very unremarkable. It's basic smooth white mint flouride. If you live in the Pacific Rim, you should pick up a tube for the novelty value alone.

Finally, you must view this 1990 commercial that details the name transition.


Tom Khazoyan said…

This is a great one. Even better to find the commercial. I love the comments on the YouTube page. One says,

"They changed the English name from "Darkie" to "Darlie" due to it's racist connotation. But they kept the Cantonese Name "Haak Yaan nga Kou" which literally translates to "Black Man Tooth Paste"!

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