The bad Italian

Fructodent Gel is not my favorite toothpaste. Rose and violet flavored?! That's something you are meant to smell - not taste. And it tastes like it smells. It's also a funny pink-lilac colored gel.

The packaging is completely in Italian. It was made in Italy too. "Healthy gums and strong teeth." I'm sure that is true.

According to Cool Hunting, it was supposed to be available at CVS, Walgreens and Albertson's - but none of those stores near me carry any. You can get some on eBay - lemon sage flavor. So if you're longing for rose violet, you'll need to board the next plane bound for Italia.

Finally, I must comment on the shape - it looks like a feminine product of some kind. (Since I'm not a woman, I don't know about those sorts of things.)

This entry to the museum is again courtesy of my film producer friend Tom, who very kindly delivered it after his visit to Milano. And it is a very worthy entry - particularly due to the uniqueness of its flavor, smell, taste and packaging.


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