Trybol Green Tea

trybolOne of my very favorites.

Unfortunately, it is not available in the USA. I had some New Zealander friends bring it to me from Switzerland, while they were studying French there. (This transaction happened when we were in Kenya.) It is expensive stuff!

My love affair with Trybol began a long time ago. We were flying back from Kenya on Swissair, and they gave the passengers tiny tubes of blue Trybol toothpaste. (And I haven't been able to get that variety in at least ten years.)

Anyhow, the green tea variety provides a very unique taste. Wonderful Clean. Fresh.

You will notice the product description on the back in three languages - German, French and Italian, in that order. Those are the three main languages of Switzerland, in the order of numbers of speakers.


Constance Chan said…
wow a blog entirely on toothpaste! cool! did you use them and add as collection?
paulmerrill said…
I have used all these toothpastes. I keep most of the tubes.

I'm a collector, and this is a fairly inexpensive collection, as collections go.

Mostly I collect digital photos that I take. They use up no space and cost nothing!
Unknown said…
The first paragraph on the back of the tube sounds real healthy, but further down, when the composition shows, I am not so sure about the ingredients healthiness any longer. What do you know about it?
paulmerrill said…
Unknown - yes, the huge list of ingredients is a little jarring - but I still think Trybol makes great toothpaste!
Unknown said…
Did you ever try trybols mouthwash? It is great.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
paulmerrill said…
Trybol mouthwash sounds great.

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