Dawn Mist

dawn mist toothpasteThis is a very generic toothpaste made for Donovan Industries of Tampa, Florida - but it's made in China. I don't know where we got it. The size is kind of small, like what might be given to you in an amenities pack at a fancy hotel: 1.5 oz.

It's basic mint - white and chalky. It's not smooth enough to really flow onto your toothbrush properly.

The package designers were not ultra-professional; notice how the bar code is so prominent on the front.

This tube is not part of the permanent collection. (Once it's finished, to the landfill it goes.)


Unknown said…
Hi, i was wondering if you would be willing to share with me all you know or think would be helpful in moving a family of 5 to Nirobi. Me and My husband are in training with our church to leave by 2010 or 11. I would love some advice i have been there once and he is leading a team this August.Thnaks!
in His hands,
paulmerrill said…

I can't really reply here. Leave me some contact info, if you read this.
M. R. Burgos said…
This is a great and highly enjoyable site. . . For some reason I can't stop reading. Thanks
Tony said…
A very interesting & somewhat unusual blog. Are you a dentist by any chance????
paulmerrill said…
I am not a dentist. My sister and I started sharing unusual toothpastes about 10 years ago. We continue to this day...

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