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It's from Switzerland. I have never seen it for sale in the USA.

This particular flavor, "Natur-Zahncreme mit Gruntee" or "Natural toothpaste made with green tea" is my favorite of all toothpastes. It has hints of anise.

Like most natural toothpastes, they avoided flouride. (I like flouride!)

On the back, the ingredients are in German, French and Italian - in that order. That's in the order of percentages of Swiss speakers. No Romanisch, which is the fourth (and smallest) official language of Switzerland. I'd wager that more people speak Turkish in Switzerland than Romanisch.

Unfortunately, the tube broke at the weld a little, so I can't keep it forever. (I'm slowly using it up now.)


Jon Swanson said…
green tea. hmm. I mean, i rinse with coffee regularly, but i'm not sure about green tea.

But it's nice to stop by.
Marti said…
Great blog name... fun! Do you have enough stuff to keep it going?

(This reminds me, must make an appointment to see my dentist!)
Javejavor said…
I really enjoyed this Tribol toothpaste as well, even if it was kinda expensive (i guess almost 6 francs, which is a lot, even for Switzerland). The flavor was nice and highly unusual, although the licorice/anise part was more prominent than the green tea.
jomo said…
Great blog!
I was nosing around the net looking for a document to inspire the creation of a Russian toothpaste used on the MIR space station missions and I came across your museum.
Keep up the good work

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